June 13th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Write right rite for four fore.

Well, we 11. one one, on e on e. e no, e no. en o, en o. eau? oh? o is watr, w at r. rawt. Rot? do we eve n fall o? ver e, ver and a, a dna rev. add d. dry, kry, yr.

The world.... the language, the lan guage, the truth hidden in the lies, the word of god babbled in the symbols and discombobulated between the pronounciations and inflections of a global determination of discovery, very disco, d is co ver y. y rev o? csi d. As its become clear that the world is fractal and adamantly representational of the hueman chi in ten tie on, whats with the arg you ment?

C Y Air ri ayc.. well its funny to write things anymore, as the knowing of why and what they denore denote and symbalize causes a frustration in the determination of what is desired in the saying, what the reason is for a re as on, re pet it i on rep e tit io n. These things they are so fractal.

When you speak I know you speak of me, speak for me, speak circles, sir culls, but don't cull sir, for sir is a ris request arise, air i see, and the worlds language so mucks it all down. Everything we speak is baby language all complicated by miss pronunciation amiss. We've tied oursides to get her together and the subliminality of the spoken and symbolized speak reams to the male who is e mal. lame a.

pen is an us, va g in a. whats that? an i gav sun a sine p.

b ack ward s. draw ward, d raw war d. d is erect. hear(t)

Why do we do it all at all, why do we give in to two and fall eau the western stern we.

Its clear what fear is. Listen to f. f-ear. lodge ick. egg-eau.

The st.om.ach is where we feed the ach om. Everything is om, each emotion each type of being is a type of om and the language is a description of the om types and how they work together or apart, how an urge e feeds the being of life and the f lie of lie f in li fe.

Who can I communicate with in the world of strangers who lied about what the words meant, why did god scram bull the lan guage? Why did we twoget when we knew they would not forgive nor forget meaning chill out.

He at up, put a eh.

Everything we speak or write is capable of meaning things up and down the scale of hues, it all depends on the chakra, the shock rah, the one of seven we reserve as an "I" for when we speak, we are divided united and neither are we the name we were given at birth into form, we source the chi we focus ten on. We AIR the elements and pre ten d on thee.

Get excited, get ex, cite d. ge tex c tie d.

We can evolve we cna grow into something so much more than we seem two b. Four. Fractality is represent, life is a gift, yet panda man spells his name wrong to confuse the ish hue.

HUE-man. Things are as they seem because things as are they are. Things will seem different if things ARE different.

1.ahov.RED - re-d, rep d - d-er(d=AIR)
2.bipw.orange - o rang e - ora nge(eng.in.e) .. fall eau.
3.cjqx.yellow - y o well - yell ow - ley low
4.drky.green - re gen - reg en - er eng(AIR ENG.in.e)
5.eslz.blue - be lu - ul eb - e bul
6.ftm..purple - l up rep - pul rep - ul prep
7.gnu..white - we hit - he wit - hew it

Everything there is refers to these, the weekday names, the month names, all names.. the spellings that mismatch pronounciation are keyholders speaking about the hue of fractality we reside in, the truth is we are living a sort of lie, this version of reality is a truth only because we are holding onto the miseducation we've been taught to believe in.

Time to b-leave.

Whats this mean? A lot.