June 23rd, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Lets Fine Doubt

Air Craft class if eyed, just if eyed, don't dam it, for a cross, dome, d ohm.

Strain g. It's all most plain. Come plain, its what God does.

As we come for truth and learn the the words of God are clearly clever we see hoe much eve ran d. Funny though that without time or with, the positive is in the ran, not the run. For eve, for adam. We come to ask why eve ever had the rains given and why the rains came to signify dark and gravity and omega or mho (the reverse ohm)

Jesus stated in GODS name..

I am the Alpha AND the Omega. A and O. AO

God as represented by A and O is a presentation of both light and dark, light as air and dark as water, light as A and dark as O.

The words of God, or the language of God, before ever there was a writ, a marking of the word for the sight, was air, sound, heard and vocalized, A. After there was O. A as the penis and O as the Anus. Then why was O given the eau, well, e is the mouth and anything that goes into the mouth, filters down and is evacuated out through the penis and the anus.

Why am I responsible for this world? Why must I bear the sins of all? I volunteered, now I remember. Its was a choice I asked God to allow me and yet.... For a hurt and a pain, for the erasure of the sad memories I would give it up, I would make up my heart instead of my mind. Why have the words been given to eve? Where is adams hand in the naming?

So much of what we speak, at most, of what has been spaked, my intension has handled and the leaden reigns have been handles by water, and thus we have remained apart and you stood back from me, watching me from a distance, showing me my heart and my mind and intensions leading me, showing me the truth of what controlled and controls me, and even now, minute by moment, I am so far from the truth while completely surrounded by it.

I want no vice, unless it is a d-vice, or this is what you teach me I am expected for wanting. Gee Al, omega is such a two faced foolishness. Every thing you say to me has two meanings, the objective and the attenuativ, though when we go with the at ten u at iv(4) there is all so much expectation of us doing something with it.... and then fred flies around and you can see how mind gets made up and heart breaks. We want a bro ken. We want a bro can. We want whatever we know is the truth yet oddly enough we hold up this ill us between us and keep iving.. iv in g.

IV inG!!!!

Every eve motion is a symbol of the tieing of the not. Tie the not,so the not becomes tied. For if the tie is NOT ties then the tieing is necessary. Tie up te heart and tie up the light and tie up the rooting of the heart for the light and tell me the truth in clear termsrather than jumbling and inversing the words and the inflections so that eve has more power than Al.

Ever choice or potential choice is dfour me, man is me, man is you, and you demand I love you, I demand you love me. We at so much at impass and passed each other so many times, every body you reside in, ever soul you hold hands with, and there is nothing I can hide from you, there is nothing.. high d. everything is hid. everyone is hid from me, I with out c, lack the sour and the salt and the cillof a chill via an I C(icy) method of coming plain.

Surrounded by infectuous perfection displaying the darkness given light, saturating each moment with devaluation, oh me ga... om ega... hmmmm omdga. alyA. I aime the Al and the O.. hmm a parent lee. Thanks two mom. Da is 4. He-art, hear, ear, so-und.. anywho, these words, meant for u, meant for me, meant for us, and the me who sits here with faith in God winding dawn, feels the pull of z and p and o and I and all those symbols and wonders why God gives me the chance at all, for I continue to fuck this whole affair up and eau ver and eau ver goes on and on..

Who are you?
You men and women of this world who pretend not to know me.. butt cannot lie, we are one, and zero.