August 6th, 2008

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Hidden Meanings

The truth is, I havent written much lately due to the way which words appear now. take the last two words in the previous sentence as an example..

appear now

the seaming of them is clear yet.. the SOUND can be dealt a few new hands...

app ear now (apply listening)
app earn ow (give hurt)

The sea we see seems seams seasonally.

Every minute, every moment, every action, every motion and sound we participate in is omen, is the truth, is TRUTH, and we cannot escape truth for S-caping truth is not something we have in our paw kits.

The density of this fractality we exist within is so all encompassing that we are afraid of the truth which belies change and thus our spirits return to vice, gripping the past and the fancy of those base desires which hold hands with our water, ether and earth chakras, leaving the true warrior of love, the air chakra striving and battling to remain within the grip of life.

This world we live in is a facet of potentiallity, and the way we percieve it is based within our language interpretation, our view of "gods" word. Or idea of sound and meaning and definition and comprehension of the function of that which is.

The truth we tened to believe in was thought to be complex, as if God were purposefully making things complicated so that only a select few would or could ever hope to attain any supreme form of spiritual capability. Yet ART can be done by any one or any ten. any 01 or 10. Now what if language as we know it globally, the language of the throat, the language of sound, no matter the dialect.. as the tale of Babylon tells it is truly one language and we have all defended our "right" to babble on in whatever way we were taught and rather than learn the greater and yet simpler truth, GOD created language as if he were a ten year old.

TEN 10 - penis and anus. pen is an us. A MEN. A plural man.
TEN - NET, the idea of connectivity, CHI connectednet.

TENSION tens on. tension to the penis and anus. and awareness in the light/crown and air/heart.

Too long two long has 2, water, the stomach, the letters B and HIJKLMN and P and W, waters dmain held sway over the realm of ether, mother to us all, 5, F and L and S and Z.

The truth is hard but is truth.

Love is God, GOD is a way to say GO - D and D is the symbol of EASTERN HEART

A childs view would be simple....

left/east and right/west
north/up and south/down
light and dark
male and female
air and water

all things are related, but how to tell whether one is ebbing or flowing faster? Simply regard the symbol of the action in all things, the color, the letter, the direction, the count, these things are all truths and the body does not lie, it merely disguises, that is to say, it UN-guises that which is. And we all are CG. 37. fire-light. It is the love which fans our flames, and the water which douses them.

The bible tells of how the world is ruled by satan and goes on to speak of hell as a place of eternal flame, yet would not lucifer have had his hands in the telling of his story so as to guise himself in layers of illusion, potentially designed to scare us away from the greater truths... Contemplate that, which is to say, break out of the template, and be less a feeder of the temple which has been our main body(water) and feed the air and the earth.

FAST for eleven days. Take no food or water. Have faith.


he shines and the glow is radiant
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