August 9th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

One of the keys..

Was the lessons learned in English class during the course of my education such as the vowel consonant followed by an "e" rule which was supposed to always cause the preceding vowel to become solid. Such as the word "rule" the "u" becomes a full sounding "you" or such words as mate, cone, home, huge, hide, meme and others.

There are words that are spelled using the same structure but do not come out to the same product, leading me to question my teachings, and then to question the words themselves.. then there are words which appear to add extra letters unnecessarily which make no sound at all, like the word "leave" which contains a silent "a" when the first rule states that because of the following "e" the first e stands as the sound and thus "leave" needs only "leve" to be complete. Why the "a" then? why the rules? Why the teaching about structure and language if the language itself is so full of such obvious and blatant "errors" UNLESS.... like the word "love" which does not sound out the "o" like the word "owe" there is some reason for these so called "errors" these "air roars"... these sounds which so und.

The word love has always been very odd to me, in french the word is "amour" in the chakras its number "four" and its reprezented by "air". The word "four" in french means "oven"....

Not only do I look at the words back and forth and EAST/WEST between languages, I also see them numerically, and old school number-like roman numerals and such, iv being 4, v being five, vi being six, ix being nine and these numbers I see on the chart I posted previously referencing the chakras to the alphabet and the elements. The "united states" the "can add ah".

What a leg I see, the soul of my feet stands firmly in the reviewing of the change I wish to see but I sideline my own rooting for the quest of truth here is so far jaded by the opinions of everyone who has taught me, the people who say I am "out of my mind" or what-not in order to deter me or perhaps inspire me, though I know not for what I would be enacting change, from the teaching, from experience, from the study, from the whole of my grasp on the purpose of my existence, I still see no true reason for being, other than absorption of that which is.. and perhaps the recreation of it, the re-translation of it, the renovation of isolation and the quest for something... more?

When I speak to you and know that it is what I am doing, still you speak back as if it is not, and I fly apart and my heart breaks, why was I given this life, why were any of us? I know why we "appear" to live, I know what the stories say and the legends and the literature and the religions and the faiths and formidably I face the heavens and wonder why any direction is up.

If everything out there is a parallel of my soul/spirit/body, and if there truly is no "my" at all, there is only "our" give up, give up, give up. drop the ruse, raise the on est d.