November 14th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

ARe you avoiding the NOID?

IT all comes up to the rise and shine. Sokay, even thru the grey, we are a shiny day, the sun is behind the chi strewn clouds, and lou the clear bell rings to bring us glittery and happy things.

Now begin to nitoce, how everything you say and do, brings me closer to you. At least, or omost when the both of us what, what it do.
reflect sunglasses fashion

All the Four Got Ten Words

It's seems like we're always together and never apart
you want me to tell you how I feel but it is you
it has always been you who told me my feelings
and I could never be honest with myself
as honest as you were when we stood face to face
I want to tell you my brows raise and squint
I look again seeking to see the king in you
instead seeing the jester you reflect of me
and still I spend hours preparing to fail
only the words fall unheard for fingers flail
the sounds are click and clack, and we tie light
where is my honesty, where is the trust in me
I want to tell you you are lovely and I care
I want to hold you close and breath your air
I want and yet we are one, and you ask my name
and I fall apart trying to remember who I am
and convince you that we are the same
when you knew the truth before me
and decided that I ought learn again
I want to hold you close and let the flames burn
I want to turn back the hands which pull me away
but when we're close I turn and run away
because you are more honest than I
you speak my worth and show me I fear
and this is the reason I run from you dear
you do not no me, though I no you
and I question why and where this became my rue
the rod I took led me far from arms
and armed I became to ward your charms
and the more I fended and fenced my D
the further away you went from me
only now I come to clearly sow
the things I reaped and cold and snow
and it melts in springs warm eastern breeze
yet still my heart seeks answers these
how can we be in love and yet turn back
how can the love we made have grown slack
how could you turn to me and ask
are we stuck carrying each others slack
we raised this tent to ward the rains
the searing pains the drags and drains
and all I ask is that we learn
to speak the truth in each others terms
to let o be a and a be o and glow
so that we might melt the snow
the frost the sweet sparkling sleet
though somehow some of this creates ow
and ow in you is ow in me
we share this eternal emotional we
there is no me without you
and no you without me
and yet we stand face to face
body to body, seeking embrace
seeking to become the ember ace
the king of hearts the queen
and our space and time between
we split ourselves asunder
for the joy of coming together
yet we forgot to forget we were once one
and every time we meet we fish to rise
the sense of catching some great prize
each other, each o there, each whole
apart a party of one split days

yes, the yah way, the road with no no's
the true path we deserve to walk along
where we already know each other
where we never forget to forgive
where faith and forge serve metal
and the courage to just make love

I want to say I love you
I want every word that is spoken
to say I love you
and I don't want to ASK if you love me
I want to be certain you do
everyone of you
I want to love and be loved
I just don't know why
I want to know why I need love
and I want to be happy with the answer
so that only poetry will come forth
and music be my language
and we can sing together and fly
and you'll be sure I'm not some
unintriduced and obscure guy

who am I
I don't know
will you love me anyway?
I hope so.
Yrthy Spyryt

Is N.E. Thing Wrong?

I feel the need to question why to search and seek
to learn and wonder and climb that peak
I feel the determination of a world wanting
to clarify the reason for a yes and no thing
Is and isnt a thing both right and wrong
is and isnt the high and the low road
leading both forward and back
is slow as good as fast
is hard as well as soft
is happy and sad both angry and glad
are they equal? are they the same?
are we one as are things?
if one rule is the same
and we each agree
why the n? why they and we?
why question and answer?
why hate and love
and fly my dove
yet land..............
yet land.

If one thing is as good as another
and we come and go rise and fall
yes we glee the fall and strain the rise
we slip and slide and get back up
or back in and back away yet.. yet...

whats the similarity
whats the familiarity
why the distaste and groaning
when we expect distraction
and deserve what we get

I grew to be grey
the middle the balance the scales
the justice and equilibrium of both
up and down, left and right
right and wrong or what?

exemplify insanity and be free to do it
whateveer way it wants to be done
but does it want to be done
or do we do "it" because it can be done

Why do I care if I go left or right
why does it matter where I stay tonight
I don't see a specific route
though you would have me believe

or is it I who would be leave
yet when I am leaving am I not also

When I see you look at me
what is it you are seeking
do you see king? Why must I rule
I need no measure for
me a sure meaasure is equal
all ways always equal
and its ok with me
whatever choice I make
until I see your opinion of it
how you are affected by it
how my action or choice is viewed
and then echoed by you
and then I re-evaluate
myself, my path my road

do you do this?
or do you always walk the yah way.

Left or right
up or down
day or night
man or woman

does it mean anything at all?
or did I make it mean some n thing
just to create a reason to be different
instead of the same


how can I let go o myself again
without fearing to hurt you
or causing fear in you
or any of the things my freedom
seems to elicit in you

for when I feel happy with true glee
at the place where I become anything
you stop understanding me
and we fall apart together
and im happy
but youre not

you only seem happy when im not
well you seem happy most of the time
and still im not
because I want you ALL in my life
and you are, but, but, im confused
I want so much for us all
I want the worlds free d-om

I want the aum of love to be our food
no trickery or lies, yet lay down
if you want, just let me stand
and dance and choose me
im only one and youre so many
dont make me choose among you
it seems so mean.
I want you all.