December 20th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


First unties third from being on line with a second friend more anned more aye!

up was and is evre good

er=do ara od=re
ev=go oro ve=og

Leven ah la post

1 deau do ooh'd ode
2 ray rah har yayer
3 me my i'm e'm
4 fa fae aef af
5 sew sow oose ouse
6 la lay ail al
7 te teh eight eat
witch brings us back two do.
wizard gives you front four go.

-one word at a time sweet g's us

lets try a naym ora ogre omen

hehehe hahahaha hohohoh highhighhighhigh

Who is double o seven?
who called four-two from his seven
b on d? a bond? truer d no b? de knob? na no oh twas.
o? an is? o sina? o sa in? sign ao? sin a o? si na o.
why na o? whine aye o. y nez o. o zen y. yo zen! z?

whazza z?
whats a z?
zed zee eez dez....
zed zee ease these
zay zoom zis zonky
say zoom this donky
eyz uz az dz iz hz wyz
eyes use ayes these eyes a jiss wise.

OK, leaving aside the whole thinking part for a moments notice.. Words are both individually and based in sound, used for scripting chi flow, or in our cased balancing it and giving it pushes ad pulls but by showing each of us that way we are coding our flows and with tease and taunt for the tayloring of chi roping and leading. Everyone trys to chi-lead first becase b is the cause of b in g. bing bing! its we who start what when we wear where out words so develop it.

Mathematically, girls have some strange ability to talk chi im a penis. Some bi-sexual men have the a-way covered gently. Somewho along the where and how men lost the "im a penis" chi and borrowed time on the im a vagina

vagina backwads, a knee gave. one side of the ying yang was given away. Lent.

aGrag or y won aye graduashin

whos gray? a g-ray? sow color splay? gray is white? white tie. ass.

jesus rose for anne ass son a roof soar ca seij

xend of matriz now on reloaded. :D

eel an elle in all wet dry
isle a land found eyed dry wet
aim day or night for fire flame
fair seas say win us all kare

t-sing tawn ting knitting n what? genus tea sun gen.

dooh what? when, why? where? heal. heel? he-le. yeh so.

yeh reap, pa er? pay er? er's free, eer f? feer?> nah
whys er feer? what? er fear male hole? just iunverinverout
do doh hod god odd, sounds, zounds, and everything works.
butt, sotry wii try yr ti wy. must I ty ti? wr at pre tend.

lee vim a lone never all ways our share, and always ayr kenned left gregory broken bent, no scent no free turn or pass go, bossed and beat up why why why not? when? lotsa leftovers leading from birth? releft a histry take}give god? kick me out of time. emit fior tu oem k cik

yeah sum gamer leava house anned language licks. tye pin play who am I, no spek in out mow did lay in guage, can u ofc orse toe u say my train in g tends to may be tree kuss into be ying four and four well delight in.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg



B got ten (pass the ten shin)


Childs play. Equated truths.

Continue feeding in pee flows pe-ris-h. pee rise h(age-ash shagea shaggy.
scoo b.

who scoos who?