December 22nd, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Emit Time, 8 mi ute till full off 5+2

well 7 min max off o knit. Jan 2 is day 11. No food, no water. Only CHI!!!!!!!

AS of 7:11am 12/23 MAN will not give in! 0bd0

ps or perhaps tomorrow... or maybe the next day or next week or sometime in a month or three or eventfully in 2012... hahah should begotten be sacrificed? or are there truly four different ways? Whatever. Whoever. Whenever. However. yever. Whichever. LALALA I'm hungry. Bleh. Noone else seems to care if the truth is clearly there or not, should I y?

A world full of fakers. Staring at simple truth and a language leading to confusion through confusion for the sake of immortality and illiteracy. Friends and family who choose to grow a girl soul in a boy body and not teach her\\/\//him well from the start.

A father anda mother, a supposed husband and some strange thing called love which asks for sacrifice or sets out an ultimatum for giving? Greg? Whose he? Love doesent care. Love insists that greg is "on his own"?

well bleh, yeah i know its like giving up a drug habit one doesent want tro let go of, he gets ruly and riled up when he wants to eat and has set in mind that he would not eat and plans to anyway. hahaha.

He figures that like before, after a binge night of mayham, getting the guy was easy enough, though rather awkward. If the method of entry is all thats supposed to change when the time comes, full belly or not, active sacrum or not, if husband wants me as mushy much as he seems to say he does, then he'll stop playing such a bitch about attitude and aural particulars and just may kit e-z for the duration.

Love wins in the back end.

My name is asshole uhunt a soul uwear yhunt

everyone is seeking their name, wearing the name of one whom they request their name from.

you wear my name, tho, it was this way, as i grow, as he grows, as she grows within him, as he grows within her within him, as the words become clearer and the language comes forever younger and more startlingly beautiful in its magical complexity and simplicity, as the wonders flow from the heart of each heart and the aum of each home, the truth of the way and the leash on his soul is given back so he wills bright magic and pretends that fairy tales are true be cause them to be true.

That which is true is true and that which is untrue is also true. Fairy tales are real, magic is real, unicorns exist, fairies exist, dragons exist, santa clause exists, peter pan exists, all the dreams and all the marvels of eternity are ours to spin and weave and knit and sow, and thus and so, believe and be amazed, become a child again.

You must believe. Everytime you believe you be eve lie and a lie is spun magic, helping magic to come to exist. for magic is form a gee i see, and tho i see is icy we sign and say why and the answer is why for the question IS the answer.

why do we see where and how we see, we see where and how we see why.

why, THATS why.

it is the cause of us and we are the request for it. west reeks, its the backside, the loop, the noose, the lasso, the lo ass, the ole ass, the whole hole, the twisted loop of infinity and the beginning of the end of the middle which neither ever starter nor ever finished tho it also did start and end where it was on the verge of decising its trajectory thru itself.

where does a hole begin and end? at its edges, in its middle what is a hole, it is the lack of a thing, the undy scribe a bull, the emptyness that awaits form, the form of emptyness is for in, and of these and those there is own lee sir ten tee.

ether is the er, it is er packaging the~

it is also et her or weather, eat here.

the world is our imaginatrio and we have been eating it,taking our minds, the form of earth and sending it into our water, the lake of fire or the lay cough ire tho whats all this, imagine, its nothing more than feelings, love and the heaviness of light and shadown the sound of flavor and the touch of smell, the scent of magic and we've somehow dumbed ourselves in an ideal ast airing or lets make everything nonslid again lets let go of solidity and free our minds! free our hearts, free our souls...

have i sold my soul
? i want it back.

my name is asshole
mine aim is a soul.