December 23rd, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Title in vert teed. from some of the ways eye sees it.

rules-selur = see lure
ten-net = neet/neat
human-namuh = name you
for being-gnieb rof = Gennie be rough

neat lure see genie be rough-you-name

nnahhhh, um a source arear

One Period-do I repen O
Hu did generate a dream period Yu both love it and hate it, its your butt to keep the whole in tire nothing and call it something new!

Two Period-do I repowt? wo y powt? wipeout!
Lessons will learn you came for informing life it is an unfurled magic scroll of many colors, a free for all trist in a ferry tale

Three Period-do I re-a-peerth
The rear en om I stakes comma on ly les sons ++++
There are-nom is take son(-mistake
There are-nom is give son! Grow this, an adventure of tail-rising, air-roaring and hypothesising and spell casting. The fairy Island wise peer a man are a smooch together, they all play, none of them never work.

FORE!<---Golden Fairy! OR-FE OFER-offer fore-f f4est~ 4fest!
Morons repeatedly UN-till while learnedones repeatedly SOW! A moron will continually try to make a moron come out of you, a learned one will repeatedly try forming a moron in you. You can never get off on the next lesson.

FIVE-EVE-if = fe-iv -fairy ivy GREEN FAIRY! me spekum green!
Genie tees chi for its elf, always big in teaching elves they need yes gain. Theres yes traps where every hive renews fairy dawns sun up!

Six-Xist X is T angled in skis siks kiss

rehearse reverse
here than better, look again, "will" that there a-not-her obtain simply "will" you here a be-come has there your when here then place a better, know is there x-claim-a-tie-on

Seven - neves
Gray farys rymy god oduay ayuo birecdunhihc

where be mirror where me descibe you
you can and do love everything in and on everybody even moreso rise will love rise will moreso embody every sion siot sire love

Eight-thgie th-gie
Where life makes you up for gud be up for it

Nine-enin in knee
Our questions are truth withoutstanding credit lines The answer for all questions is love truthfully and substitue love for love when ever you are seeking something its love, stop seeking love and love will find you, when love found you you remembers it was always in you and around u forget forgetting and remember remembering, then prehaps remember forgetting and forget remembering. You all need for, look for, listen for and trust for love. love looking, love listening and love trusting love. Its all you ever see and hear and trust me, trust you, love me, love you, love seeing you in me, love that I see me in you, love that you see me in me and love that I see you in you.

you will four give four gay view