December 24th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

(no subject)

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p ul luv
p luv ul
p luv pull
p pull ash luv
pul p ash luv
pull luv ash p
pull ash luv p
p pull gun luv
p gun luv pul
p luv pull gun
gun luv p pull
p pul al
p all pull
all pul p
pull p al

p pull work
p work pul
work p pull
work pul p
pull work p
work pul p

pul play work work play p
p work play play work pll
p hates play loves work hates work loves play pull
pul loves work loves play luvs workj ohla view

jhoo king lass ass king jhoo lass
jho king sassy ass sassy ass king jho
jha key hole ass ass so le key Jha
Jhu wanna ass ass an wanna Ju

p pull moma luv
p luv moma pul
pull moma p luv
moma luv p pul

pul luv man p
p man luv pul

push man luv pul
pul man luv push

p luv pro or pvul p vpul lvup p pul p1 vu

d and e ass and e and dss ass

toy lit is where p pull
p pull where toy is lit
lit toy where pull p is
pull toy lit where is ass