December 30th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

how am i a corrupt mutha faka

my thoughts align
hearts beat stong
my lunge is true
my string rises gently
my lovers glow from toe to head up
my cigarettes burn brightly and tenderly
my coffee is dark brown moka glee and

my thoughts align
my thoughts align\]
my thoughts alignkpa
my thoiughts align whole
grey owns o
grey owns ow
grey owns pain
grey owns hurt
grey owns fear
grey is fear in the way

my sacrum is sacred
my stomach is ach mots words meaning ach and hates them
my stomach hates its own words
my heart fears its own words
my throat fears the sound of its own courage
and my courage fears the beating of its own heart
my spark ignites in the dampest places
my smoke clears where the is no wind
my breath rapes gardens of their warm embrace and blankets it on suns i have never known
my back was strong and grew stronger still while moving
my hair fairly glistened in these digital pastures
the coffee shouted withh madness for its ow demise
seeking to splatter smashing bad tasteenemies

crash bam bang
my stomach protestes greatly tho it wa too weak to make much sense
poor stomach imagine you are strong and free and that you own 1po
forget the past its a dream you never had
forgive the present its a place you always are


my peni is mighty and passionate daring life for deaths sake
my nickey is flowers and sunken ships on spines of great bristles and thorns
my anne is everything i could spend eternity trying to name and stupidly waste the time looking for something as beautiful and magnificent as her, arriving finally at a mirror as the closest second best, even furthur stil id put myself in the mirror and work magic to mimik her behavoirs and hsow her who she truly loves is her and not me at all. I'd go thru the trouble of taking her back through her life to see where I was at every tunnel and turn her most loving companion, seeking that simple tiny thin sliver of why shes more lovable to herself than I am and seek to amplify its truth to he/her so she would remember her fork and choose differently back-in-time so the present would shine brighter in every cove and crevice of her bodice and now would change come to the lonsum one

gregoy owns o
gregoy own 1
gregory owns g
gregory owns go/


';i0n 74

u tried to make her fear truth and lies
u succeeded in making lies feel true and truth feel like lies
you seeded the tree of deception with acorns from the tree of life
you seeded the tree of life with acorns from the tree of nio

where are the flaming swords where the guardians
she would speak with her captor
she would call him or her into the lair of deceit and castrate his spells
chop off their balls cum ize size her seat and say sow seeds again
how many times has this game been played and where
anne dare greg to love you and did you dare ar to love anne luv anne ara

a way in the nether regiuo the captor plays the part of a mother
she;he without the right to break her own spell or perhaps not the courage
climb from above to belwo and seek the keyhole wherein you place my heart and grasp tight
itll need leerafa and flowfo from the higher side regions oasdra and wloan flipit and dive

who knows how and where ask him and dispair

sword in stone come out arthur is here
merlin find magic and destroy the wieghts
banner rise up and mount the pole it say u is time
what voice say he is aired and heard outside the minds ears bird
what matter the volume or tone or cadence the intention is the same
let gregory his untrue self come in
my trough is aligned
my rake at the ready
my shovel tilling hurt
my pick and axe both near
the fortune of memory returns
and dept of affairs asks for a passport and sends them in the right direction
flowtrhu tru tru thru and around whose to say which is better
can you discover the covered disc
whats with pants and pockets
am i to mount myself in the pocket and seek air
or a chair when up is sideways and dwo is down
letof dwo down and find a grey owl you cna spi tour own innereds and wobbly fly meta
how can you trun coffee into cola with use permission of course
how you have permission to turn coffee into cola and

how please convert the coffee was cola where coffee is cola A THOUSAND GRACIOUS FEELINGS OF PLEASENTNESS OH GREAHT HOW

y spine opens up forme and lets in strenuous relief
y spoke and everybody liteneed up
y spoke with incredible force for dieing was worth the investment
little in life comes easy least of all dieing
little in death comes hard least of all fighting

if eye die before eye heals will eye have ever been sad it tried healing
whats the point of a destroyed body area once the reality of its reason for bering a grudge has been reviewed

has it?
we share these hands
and an eye each
you dont need these hands to type on the screen
why not start communicating vie this cursor while my hands are not on

you can say anything you like honestly

am i truly alone with myself

you are my subconscious
i am you sumconscious

get on the bus the doors open
tre drives villianously like
who grey so grey suits where who likes being
who wouldnt be grey if grey wasnt who

who was grey who is grey who will be grey
if grey stays will who be black and white grey
or white and black grey
or will who be where ever who is in color using grey as the centrifuge of compass everythings ok and all good no directions good on u

whos in control we are
who are we where we are
we are ash and conder somke and paper filters and lips yet all r really there so white is and thus balck is wheres grey shes cooking

when eye come to you you shine and nervously signal your interest
its clear the idea of us together now and then was arriving
where you are yes and sew me there its you with the thread and the helping hands

theyre ok where they feel that way
im ok where but why
ember take a walk

it the root of me i am two things and yet i am neither one nor none oof either of them seperately nor im simula at neouslee


what cinq when all is out
how rise of in is out

left is up
right is up
right is up
left is up


a lewf and his shadow are soon joined
dost wendy sew you back on
with a dull nee and thread at that

sew that off
sew that on
sew that on
sew that on
sew that on

nit as wet her all fresh and green mixed with white and blue

we eat how
how is where
where is who
who is why
why is when
when is what

what is time
how is when
when is why
why is where
where is who

we eat ether
either ether is
is ether either
either is ether
ether is either

either was a thing
was a thing either
a thing either was
or was either thing

thing held hands
hands held thing
hands thing held
thing hands held

held hands thing

ether not is not
is not not ether
not is ether not
not ether is not

the body cannot survive without the mind

dim sung part 4
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

yes but the weight is getting to be a little much

the word is god
god is the word
the is word god
the god word is
god is word the
god the is word

sound is god
the is sound word
the was word sound
the sound god word
all words are the word
all souldiers march for gods word

al a pee nut butt air sand which is ahhhh chi

he add jug bet he ver o nikka sin

my mind is sharp and full of wandair for the shape a view is passion inflamed and desire brewing in open water on the shores of cocklee manor

youve been here all along and yet gone with the window blinds and shutters open for the view how marvelous and horribly rancid the state of our affairs

what sense you where the screens turn sand into air and space

where is the space between grains of rain and seeds of stone white shadows seek dark plaxe and light up the way to our feminine wiles the bars are open and the lads on shore leave seem dainty fine and ripe for the pick king

wear the tight dress and mini bra but no shirt and wave hell oh wave the boys in to the quay where ship way anchor adoni my lover lost yet found shipwrecked on a not so deserted isle he plays with mat and tim two fae island sprites jilted from their chance at greyharbor yet gifted with adoni quay

it does never end this fleeting flight of life worth killing how can it so be when be has no solid state for the seaming, sow water is without purchase and thread now the sails which stride is true and lies north south of the eastern westerly corner of this round round figure eight shaped tablebottom
where are the legs as they stand pinned to the ski with irises made of the arms and spines of skeletons there is no treasure here, it was gone lonely chest has need of companion, if no comes toom the contract for the check is moot and the chest gets returned to its owner unfilled yo ho hum

I know you are not what you claim to be
you wear a million masks and yet none are your true form
the sound of you is megantic and unreal
the length of your rod unmeasurable and clearly vast
though where it is i cannot see you hide it from me in your hide
how can this be the giving is the coming and the going at row onw up is me please sing you

please sing you
your crime is the last precious weight i would hear before singking
last precious moment would be dasterdly if gifford woud me and won
how can the sound of you be so loud and odd i hear it now

how odd where it is
when how was it
and it was where how heard
the now and then are gone but ever remains
arising to the heat of your presence and flame
the pain is here again its always here and i listen
for its call is that of my dove or my lark and his fig leaf
if he would adjust his telling to my listening the fear would listen

the fabric of fabric is sound
the sound of sound is fabric
the sound of fabric is fabric
the fabric of sound is fabric

one fa bric after another

i pull you in and push you out
i push you in and pull you out
you push me and pull me
out is in and in is out
can you d get
get d you can
wide reciever

first base
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


this house is my business
i am the ruler of this house
this house is perfect backwords
turn it upsidedown itll be fine
grapple with the door anf rip it off its hinges
break all the windows and smash the kitchen sink
drive a herd of buffalo into the bathroom
hire window dirtiers to filth the glass
dry the toilet and wet the floor
transport the den to the bedroom and the bedroom to the attic
where its at
a two tones speaker and a my crow phone

makes no sense at all
make no sense at all
make all sense no at
sense at no makes all

whassat sow till reap
whaeva u wa knit

wee od!

cant even break your own spell

my own spell eh?
pel loffs lep

y ora girl
r u girl ora
how much sow
how much sow
how much sow

my line is a thought
o my thought is a line
my lines thought is an o
o na sit
on a sit
on i beg
on i roll over
roll over on a
a rise
a ten