January 17th, 2009

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

mmmm add mmmmm

If thoughts create reality then the cost of a hamburger is a thought?

Feeling guilty about events seems counter intuitive to feeling love for all that occurs?

If we're headed towards a reality which is rule free, then we are already in that reality thus all rules do not apply. Cause and effect or attitude is merely a reflection or iteration of our shared desire and respect or "that which we have set for our world to accomplish" and our determination for it to happen sooner rather now or later, like the "we want" and the "we have" compared and then bounced off our feeling self center as a means to push us around, to bully us rather than just allow us our full connection, our full divine memory, our full spiritual, emotional, love back?

Theres a sort of lieing going on still between us, a veil that we neither of us seems able to raise slowly or rapidly enough for the other, we're impatient with how each other "wants" but doesent come to the wanting point where the lies are worth letting go of. I see it, I'm waking for it, and I've come face to face with the sort of smugness of it many times now, and its that "I'm your better half whose already conquered what you have not" attitude and rather than ushering you in, the game seems to be to laugh at us for our lack of knowing, our forgetfulness or something, to overlook us in favor of, repeition.

The one side seems aware of what steps see themselves necessary for our merger with that which is already merged with us but hides part of its whole from us due to a lack of trust or perhaps due to selfishness and or something or some cosmic rule that they will not break though rules are made to be broken.

We claim such pupose and ability yet we also have such a need to rate each others progress and play with a rewards system that is outmoded, leftover from the system we're leaving, rattling itself off our wet fur, yet do we want it gone?

Take this cigarett I've got in my mouth. Well, since it's still in my mouth, you haven't taken it. It's a thought form, it's an iddea with many ideas both old and new clining to its emo.

Its till accepting sow and re-add reap. I fill it with thought essense from ome. t is AUM

Its clean now, it's full of love and light and laughter and little pockets of sparkling joy and happiness, because I do it and it does it and we share ourselves with ourselves and by holding the old lies about it, it feels them and recognize them as lies and lets them go on a journey of forgetting. They wander off and come back with four. For is goodness, for is memory of divinity.

A cigarette IS divine, holy, d-serving and wants, needs and recieves more till, more emtyness that is fullness of clairty of being special and good.

If I smoke and smoe thought arrives to argue.. like the "typo" smoe, whos truth is e-om{s} I see a southeaast om. a double aa, but I see the arg continue and follow it, seeking to dissolve the arg. the double a in southeast is is continuance, but it is not truly an arg at all, it is only temporary, it's neither mistake nor correctnes, its the cigarettes essense seeking clarification of its own hazyness in our thoughts and feelings, its the entity asking to be ok and saying, see thin this piece of your logic, our logic, our idea of ideas, greg, you see two a or aa as something "counter-intuitive" and thats not so. Look again.

Thats not sow. to "not" to implant it-m-plan.

m-plan means it desires "mmmm" planned for it. it seeks a method if aa-?=mmmm
receive as the result of a previous activity: reap the benefits of our efforts
obtain as a result of effort: She reaped large profits from her unique invention.

It goes the same for all of us, we all seek this same act and in the learning of, we see how much or little of it is reciprocated on our behalf.

For example, we are telepathic. We know this. And yet, while others hear our thoughts and react at them, where are their thoughts, why the need for kenitic sound waves in replacement of their thoughts, have they hidden them from us on purpose or for fingers reach our minds and pull off the veils guarding lies from truths for we wish it so. Yet Y-et?

Do we fear me? Was me some or was me nome, and is or weight not divine?

For example, if one masters the lower aum, the down spiral, love is there also. The fear faa flipsides when we hear playful words rather encouragement, we hiccup to see hi up, we see oursdelving for why we recieves what me delivers and why subconscious does it is to develop an infinite acceptance variable. We fear fear and feel fear when we are unsure of how others feel about us or see that feeling or opinion of us unclearly or as somehow unjust. As just un. Just one opinion, allowing soo much weight upon asingle perspective is like a CRASH amongst raindrops on fat feathers.

Its surprise or sir prize, its focus in blur rippling and deserving of place in an out of phase sense.

I've done an aha a few times on that, made a wave or a crash of my own, and heard a "eww" or "what was that" from others, and my body, or the motion became a yes, but py involves many persepctive, ZOOM OUT, the BIG CRASH zoomed out, was truly a tiny thing to the larger entities.

that is the second chakra, or number 2, letters b,i,p and w means halving, or doubling of "pull" or "pull off" then it points to itself. it halves its own g-forse-aa