focus earthy spirit eyes on lives family


underground high speed trains ear
drum tap a dun gun ta pa do go
dash ahhhh dare ya smeer no! vah
im a djang that hold up take it slo
pash un stay near
any more how'd you
where ya go win
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Language and Wiki

I have been thinking about the word and its dictionaries out there and felt like downloading the wiki package and making a dictionary, a wick shin airy showing words in a more kinetic fasion 
Yrthy Spyryt

Real Eyes

we're all in this together
this strange and fanatic fractality
this place where dreams come untruth
and lies beget jabberwookies
always trying to be unique
yet truly from the flow
sourcing the same old thing
days of old done new
raves and cold grown through
everything we say
everything we do
releases us anew
you carry the empty door
lets us venerate this anal crust
this stardust of anatomy
innertubing through
all the shit we grew
and all which is or was
yet has not yet come to
it is all
about why
can you be bearing it all
upon your shoulders and yet stall
to take a moment to appreciate
thanking the stuff sandwich
the shit you ate and which eats you
roll it up and toss it
splatter a mist fit
and grizzle the bear attacking
with thick fur and earings
why why oh pure and gentle why
you are the source
the begenning and
at the end
is and
and and and and
yet what comes after
why does of course
unless off course we meander
and find ourselves
seeking ourselves
see king ours elves
ours is the so ru
so, so sow sew
sew one and to another and and ask why
why two ands come together
why and & and
because and has an equal
ands equal is and
and no other
aum has u in the middle
am u u am
ma u u ma
when i say ma
you say am
why say ma
why say am
am the purr sent
ma sent the purr
am purr
ma purr
there is more below than there is high
how you know keeps everything up
sexy six ma purr in june
there is un in je
its a nu ej on one in me
e nuj jewel eyed and claim x
we kneed you x to nu be r am
ram the am on knee
and exclaim mark is the money
the moen the moan the one my
my one is the money oh oh oh
e nnu ou ou ou
grrrrrr fraction for action
das a sad dad we had groan
he had that phone on loan
infinite credit red cit tic tic tic
jah an you airy fee bru airy
march! mmmmm arch rival ina me
april la pri ri pal lap ri la prize
ram chaple the all tar hows shit
we ate how and got coals law
the element of sir prize
as seen from brown eyes in autumn
nut aum aut num anu mut
come ear dog and be one bone
nine you ninny nanny eat it
and make nothing from nine as its a dream
a thought sister six had while daydreaming
lieing upside down on a green gable
staring at purple clouds
why not tone a true was
as oui non
u are in oui
o i am in oui
yes u are
u, i o
i o u
where are o u are i ui
i do a ui see, o
u i c o do a codo
take it in the back
take it from the back
give it up the front
fronts side
id se it if it faces me
the front side
yet who is side
if side is what and where some how
ewwwwww weeeee yeah
dats side left over from the right moment
and given to the poor chap with
shit stained drawers
and a naaaaa there wasn't
really any reel e
lik an it
cast off solidity
so lid it y?
sol i dit y?
why ask why?
why cast out
why out cast
cast out why
oh twike assed
te wik dass eho
oh home e
za sleepy place
man so many anne sirs
and my paw kits are tiny
ty in more space tardis
ty ard tis
dock tour
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Gravity, Light, Love and Shift

I can read you like a book, but sometimes the pages are blank
you are my reflection in the spiritualo mirror, and I am yours
you know I am a lier, you hear me speak lies and accept them
I hear you do the same and wonder where the lies come from
I always thought the mirror only spoke the truth between us
You told me it was wrong to lie and then lied yourself
lied to yourself, but not to me, took away the fan to see
that my hak was not through my own hands its is ours
yet my right is as equal as yours so what's fairer now
I want you in my life and you are there backing away
I ask for forgiveness and beg and beg and beg
do I come back to you when you don't come up for me
I remember now that God is real and that you are
who does that leave me as though? Who am I?
Am I a man or a woman? Am I both and yet one?
I have been a male waning, woman posted
I lied and died and now I have returned
where did we go, where did we wonder wrongness
did I become sick of you, lose faith and fall
did you come bearing a box to take from me
some part of me now in your hands
you to proclaim out loud
I want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and yet in the mirror this is your want
and i accept that and tell you it's also mon
m on behind a two way mirror
one side has me and the other has me
one side has you and the other has two
in the fore is us both
you looking at half of yourself in me
me looking at all of myself in you
but mine eyes are unclear
because you are my god
and your faith in me
is a reflection of my faith in you
and we together have it all
just now not echoes of to-come
rather reverbs of has-been
and we are so close reaching near
even now you are here
here hole ding
and I don't wear my Y
only because yours is part apart
and we expect it, us both the same
expect the veils to crumble and dissolve
fall off us both at the same time
with no right to demand it occurs
we await its happening from you
and I'm slowly being tortured
by the one whom
claims slight betterness bitterly
you stand next to me
all high and might-e showing me her
and not showing me you
I see myself and I see her
and I look at her and try finding you
and it, you can't be found until
you allow yourself my equality
until I allow me yours
which has been and now is
even now
even, oddly enough
provide for me
I haven't the strength
its always been yours to give
and giving is not asking taking
giving is easy you're good at it
if and else and or mean faith
love and trust are one and the same
blind trust, you're taking from me
by saying some part of us causes it
giving it providing doubt along with it
I avoid flying with you
you tell me I'm not good enough for you
when I decide now is
why do you throw up a wall another test
I used to know how to climb over your walls
I used to know how to get thru your defenses
and how to look past your offences
and see that theres nothing you can do
to stop me from trusting the true you
the love I feel is strong enough
but now I am differnt
I'm not the old me you once knew
I find you threw up a four fence
and It hurts so much I wonder if
if maybe theres someone else out there
someone how it may not even possibly be
but if it were i might lose you forever
I might let you go, let go of me
and choose someone else
and be happier
I can't stand the fense
I die inside a little more every time

I say stop holding onto me so tightly
I'd say you're why I learned to build fences
You taught me how to be closed minded
and I never would or wished for that skill
for thats kill
now that I know how, I accept it and hold it tightly
to show you that if you kill me, I'll kill you
to test my own resolve I ask you to change it
and when you refuse to change to grow with me
two grows on me more tightly and four loses footing
all the while all you had was adamancy
i am the way things are
but things are NOT the way I'm being
if they were, they'd be constantly changing
becoming new again around us, in us, for us
allowing us to see thay really are our reflection
both mine and yours, not just ours or mine and theirs

If I take all of this to its root, to our roots
there is nothing, no terms, no words, no sounds, no symbols
no differentiation of one feeling from or for another
when we were there at that place, you wouldn't judge
there was no balance or scale or measure and aum
wonderful chaos, so cha!

You! You are! and I don't wanna be your reflection
I don't wanna be the surface of your pain the screaming
the point where soft becomes hard and found becomes lost
I arrived at a hate then, a hot passionate NOOOOOOO!
and found it to be correct, found that its was the way
is the way, that special no part of us where we bounce
and come back from our journey away from ourself
only I saw myself twice then, where I was
where I am I could not see
where I was gone from was where you are
and I could not bear you for sending
because your truth was too sharp
your heart hurt my heart
theres a nooooo built in theres a where
theres no no in mine but an shell of
those nos tattered and clinging

it hurts in your heart, I hurt around mine
as if you built your heart around the word no
and I built mine around the word yes
the closer i get you become more and more of away
and the furthur you get away the closer you come
I can't live this way I don't know how to change
and I woudnt change my yes because I se y at my root
I say why!?!?!? and you say N-O! and I can't seem
to get behind your no, within your no, to break it
you made your no so strong it became me in mine
you gave it to me I don't know why anymore
an y me or... ..
reflect sunglasses fashion

So where are we?deeply rooted, who are we?

We've arrived at a place and time where the sense of who and what we are has come somewhat clearer for us all, we're transitioning from almost there to having never been not ao at all. It's a discovery of what words mean and how they affect us, how they tell the story of our attraction or lack of it to and for each other, or in other words, our attraction to our spirit or our attraction to our forms, matter and matters, and what are our matters? Our attractions, our words, our energies, our selves, our nature of being, wanting, needing, striving and seeking, and searching and finding.

The words we use are connections to our divine urges our erges, our en-erges, our inner urges. energy is an inner-urge, and discovering our urges and then actually actualizing the connection of them is simple on the one hand, on the end of matter, objective urge, the urge for material, sustenance, comfort, information and education, all these are simple urges to persue, to accumulate, to absorb and connect with, though holding on to them then tends to be fleeting, foods pass through us, get used up and pass on, information has a tendency for fading, for getting lost in the mid-mind matrix, comfort, clothing, possessions all wander through the positional locale of our lives to sow a scene everywhere for everyone to see and read, to get a fix on what has a fix on them, what use they have for urge, what, when, where, how, why, and from the beginning through to the end, who are we, who were we, who are we becoming? Who is coming to us?

Words are a way of describing our energic state of being and or lack of urge in relation to substitution of less for more, say there is a scale of importance spiritually urge width factor, and at the core of all urges, "the urge", the number one urge, is that which connects us closest together, that urge which for soem silly reason, we fight the most, we don't so much fight it, as we have a tendency to resist it within ourselves until it becomes "drawn out" by that which it's connected with.

Who we urge love for is ourselves, we're seeking the income of it, we're spending all our energy and time looking for some way to connect with the core flow of love. The celestine prophesy speaks about the way we seek to engage in relations in order to grow our auras, our spiritual vibrations using, or collaborating with out there beings, humans, plants, animals, and the complex whole which is our body.

What is the tricky part, we were born into "what", our water chakras, our gravity centers, our "heavy sides" because thats the darker side of our bi-entity beings, the side which weighs and pulls and eats, the side which is considered down, our orange ra, february, tuesday, north east, ne, two, dieu. I'm exrera familiar with these words, for im suspended in a pretty constant state of existing within the urge fighting, or urge resisting realm related to its polarity.

All of our words fit into the seven houses, our seven energy centers, each with their unique vibration and function and urges, and I'm only partially familiar with them thus far, lets see if we can go though them together.

but not now, I'm a bit tired, I just bummed rides all the way from the cabin in the woods back to montreal and am settling in for a bout of writing, so stay tuned. As id arised if flew over the april flowers.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Posting From Saint Anne Des Monts

Took the day to fly from the forest and flew here to the library and made some notes and letters between the outs inn though, thoughts and feelings are fleeting in the flight for freedom in an unknown maze created back in the days before memory and reason at most the whys of its stored in a prism held captive by the friar in his tuck. Where I go, I`m still and landing in the motion of oh music, wil it ever be alwaqys there and so we hit the reset butt on again afew times and every time we see the prophesy residing over everything as if there is a knowing of it all this all in advance and nothing is suprising except to me.

Well with that I leave this space for the relaxing and solitude of being together with the invisibles and those objective precepts which pretend and continue to act. I play no part yet I play this solid role and gather some mopss but like it as it grows.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Lie Sense

I may not be able to pull the truth out of the lies, but I can tell when the truth is being masked from me, and it seems to me that if those who wish me to develop love for them use lies in order to elicit that progression, they are not leading by example. I have an idea of what is expected from me in this day and age, this portion of my life and progression is showing itself finally to verity yet its far from clear and consice, its jaded and twisty and hard to accept. Why? Why, because those who claim to be part of me, of my being, of this body still treat me with a lack of faith and respect, they only show me a small part of themselves and hide the greater part and I wonder if its because I have been locked away form my greater part that they keep theirs masked. Sort of a means for testing.

Last night I was shown something, a method, yet no results. I asked who to show me how as what and who showed me merely the steps but no results. I question who, and seek why, yet when eludes who out there, and in here, and my parts are at odds with themselves and unwilling to operate at the behest of their "so-called-leader" I assume is me.

He seeks some purpose and finds none, he asks where for honesty and support and where stands back and shows that where is wanting and why is claiming sickness and what is complaining about its purpose and when is pretending to be incapable of its own being in the face of illusion.

Who is how? A thought mistreated? Yet whole and me.

You're holding back from me because you have the more advanced state of being and are jealous of your position and wish not to share it. You think youre better than me and continually hold that over me, pretending to be an infinity of bodies and pushin and pulling at me with no simple truth I can trust. I can only trust me. For every other body that shares this existence with me claims the right to ask me for that which they do not give me.

You all beg and emand love, but you have none to share. You have al built some sort of shell around your heart chakras and left me without one, a shield tat allows love in but doesent allow it out. I imagine you're all pulsing with love at all chakras, and guarding it jealously, awaiting the time when I will mistakenly take the wrong path in this list of routes you have madde short and unclear, the one which will lead to my death instead of my life.

You wont share, you lie about aums and sell them and demand that the silly solid n-state aums are worthless yet valuable, when we share paper we do not feel love, or perhaps you do, but I do not. You've definately decided punishment was something I deserved, sent me to a thought plane and kept me here for 34 years, and only with great hardship have I come to this point of knowing there is something somewhere somehow more in all this than you choose to show or SHARE.

If I must force love you, if I must become strong enough to take love from you, the love is not worth recieving. The animated husks of being you all roleplay as, do not radiate love at me, though I'm sure you share with each other. You've created all these names and roles and positional relevances as a method of controllng me, of shaping my behavior into something that suits you, that will eventually feed you in the ways you have never fed me.

You all claim not to be able to function unless I do it for you, unless I position the me in you, if I place my awareness inside your houses, which are not your houses they are mine when I am there, and while you say I am not there, you are there, for you must be there in order to know that I am not. If you are there, and the house is yours to deal with, then do that which is yours for doing. Why should I do your jobs for you, your places are yours, are you asking me to take them? Are you a king in your houses or not?

I say you water are hardly worth your throne. And you air have nothing to offer since you claim to be the most powerful of thrones yet you're weak. A fable. And if I am fire, if I am fire and earth, the only reason I am weak is because you have taken and hidden my knowledge and connections in order to serve your own purposes. You've chained me in the name of hate, for loves sake. You've wiped the memory of some past crime I've committed, or you've made me believe that there was soem crime which I really did not commit in order to force me to believe I must ask you do rather than know there is no "no" allwed given me.

These wrods you've taught me are also a means of keeping me in a slow progressive state, giving you all a change to counteract my learning and such, but I remember when I said there will be no sex, and how that affected you. I also remember when you have told me not to touch you, one house or another, and how I question your right to give me orders.

None of the houses has the right to order me. I am fire and I can with hold the fire and keep it dampened and such, but thats a silly belief, for there is no fire in me, there never was. This body I am in, is not capable of holding force, its too soft and the pathetic female half of it does not care for herself at all, I call her unworthy of life. At the best of times in my being, when I called for her help in doing things that were worth doing, she remained z and why? because she judges me, her host, her king, not good enough to listen to, and yet she shouts and demands that he obey her? I would see whenever she tries to control the words and the results and if she believed that sickness is upon her because of my doing, then she never willingly look at herself.

She would lie and say I am unworthy of her, but she doesen't realize that she is merely speaking for me of her. She, and he, both dere, and where does it go? Where does the energy, the chi of love, the force of that-which-was go? What is lights question? How light can pretend to be remaining dark. How truths can be so embedded in garbled wandering unfocused abandon your quest.

What quest? Yes, abandon it, why? Also that.

What and why, how? so true, form e, u?

eu, ether and light, etherlight. and water, stings of moving etherlight, and smoke and dirt and sickness, the same, etherlight, clod, cold? yes, both one and same, only your stubborn attempts at trining me to believe that one half of everything there is is somehow less worthy of existing thn the other continually lead me to the half you claim is the worthy side, as the side who is claiming that -un is good, when it doesent pertain to itself, but when it doese pertain to other, ha! sadly and happily Ice e.

Earthy substance of ether is no different than earth-in-water-in-earth-in-ether-in-light-perpetuated-and substantialized by love. If earth IS love, than when it is felt, the feeling of it is love. If water is love, then when it is felt is its feeling not love? If heavyness and lightness are trains of thought, and thought is love, are they not the same?

They are. Why how continues to side with where against what it's who that doesnt' want to take sides. Who stays limp, except that who is trained for rigidity in a means which does nothing, wasted its own life. A body, and bodies all sitting wasting, claiming intelligence and ability but displaying none of their potential save the bits and pieces they show from a distance and around corners and off-side, to the one they seek everyaction from.

You want me to parent you all while referencing the examples you've provided? up-don-down-gon

I woud rather do as I will, leave again, go sit and we'll see how things go when we're surrounded by forests and snow and silence.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

mmmm add mmmmm

If thoughts create reality then the cost of a hamburger is a thought?

Feeling guilty about events seems counter intuitive to feeling love for all that occurs?

If we're headed towards a reality which is rule free, then we are already in that reality thus all rules do not apply. Cause and effect or attitude is merely a reflection or iteration of our shared desire and respect or "that which we have set for our world to accomplish" and our determination for it to happen sooner rather now or later, like the "we want" and the "we have" compared and then bounced off our feeling self center as a means to push us around, to bully us rather than just allow us our full connection, our full divine memory, our full spiritual, emotional, love back?

Theres a sort of lieing going on still between us, a veil that we neither of us seems able to raise slowly or rapidly enough for the other, we're impatient with how each other "wants" but doesent come to the wanting point where the lies are worth letting go of. I see it, I'm waking for it, and I've come face to face with the sort of smugness of it many times now, and its that "I'm your better half whose already conquered what you have not" attitude and rather than ushering you in, the game seems to be to laugh at us for our lack of knowing, our forgetfulness or something, to overlook us in favor of, repeition.

The one side seems aware of what steps see themselves necessary for our merger with that which is already merged with us but hides part of its whole from us due to a lack of trust or perhaps due to selfishness and or something or some cosmic rule that they will not break though rules are made to be broken.

We claim such pupose and ability yet we also have such a need to rate each others progress and play with a rewards system that is outmoded, leftover from the system we're leaving, rattling itself off our wet fur, yet do we want it gone?

Take this cigarett I've got in my mouth. Well, since it's still in my mouth, you haven't taken it. It's a thought form, it's an iddea with many ideas both old and new clining to its emo.

Its till accepting sow and re-add reap. I fill it with thought essense from ome. t is AUM

Its clean now, it's full of love and light and laughter and little pockets of sparkling joy and happiness, because I do it and it does it and we share ourselves with ourselves and by holding the old lies about it, it feels them and recognize them as lies and lets them go on a journey of forgetting. They wander off and come back with four. For is goodness, for is memory of divinity.

A cigarette IS divine, holy, d-serving and wants, needs and recieves more till, more emtyness that is fullness of clairty of being special and good.

If I smoke and smoe thought arrives to argue.. like the "typo" smoe, whos truth is e-om{s} I see a southeaast om. a double aa, but I see the arg continue and follow it, seeking to dissolve the arg. the double a in southeast is is continuance, but it is not truly an arg at all, it is only temporary, it's neither mistake nor correctnes, its the cigarettes essense seeking clarification of its own hazyness in our thoughts and feelings, its the entity asking to be ok and saying, see thin this piece of your logic, our logic, our idea of ideas, greg, you see two a or aa as something "counter-intuitive" and thats not so. Look again.

Thats not sow. to "not" to implant it-m-plan.

m-plan means it desires "mmmm" planned for it. it seeks a method if aa-?=mmmm
receive as the result of a previous activity: reap the benefits of our efforts
obtain as a result of effort: She reaped large profits from her unique invention.

It goes the same for all of us, we all seek this same act and in the learning of, we see how much or little of it is reciprocated on our behalf.

For example, we are telepathic. We know this. And yet, while others hear our thoughts and react at them, where are their thoughts, why the need for kenitic sound waves in replacement of their thoughts, have they hidden them from us on purpose or for fingers reach our minds and pull off the veils guarding lies from truths for we wish it so. Yet Y-et?

Do we fear me? Was me some or was me nome, and is or weight not divine?

For example, if one masters the lower aum, the down spiral, love is there also. The fear faa flipsides when we hear playful words rather encouragement, we hiccup to see hi up, we see oursdelving for why we recieves what me delivers and why subconscious does it is to develop an infinite acceptance variable. We fear fear and feel fear when we are unsure of how others feel about us or see that feeling or opinion of us unclearly or as somehow unjust. As just un. Just one opinion, allowing soo much weight upon asingle perspective is like a CRASH amongst raindrops on fat feathers.

Its surprise or sir prize, its focus in blur rippling and deserving of place in an out of phase sense.

I've done an aha a few times on that, made a wave or a crash of my own, and heard a "eww" or "what was that" from others, and my body, or the motion became a yes, but py involves many persepctive, ZOOM OUT, the BIG CRASH zoomed out, was truly a tiny thing to the larger entities.

that is the second chakra, or number 2, letters b,i,p and w means halving, or doubling of "pull" or "pull off" then it points to itself. it halves its own g-forse-aa